The Love of Truth


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Edited by Robert Edward Brennan, O.P.

The Love of Truth: Samplings in the Thomistic Synthesis (originally published in 1942 as Essays in Thomism) illustrates the centrality and profundity of love which permeates the entirety of Angelic Doctor’s intellectual legacy. The contributors are sixteen of the brightest Thomistic luminaries of their age—including Jacques Maritain on necessity and contingency; Vernon J. Bourke on potency and act; Anton Pegis on being and unity; Mortimer J. Adler on law; John A. Ryan on Aquinas’s economic philosophy; Yves R. Simon on the crisis of liberalism; and Walter Farrell, O.P., on representative government.

Edited by the renowned Robert Edward Brennan, O.P., The Love of Truth: Samplings in the Thomistic Synthesis captures the sapiential dynamism of the twentieth century revival of Thomism.

What these [essays] have given of their wisdom and charity will…make all of us immeasurably richer in the knowledge and love of truth.Robert Edward Brennan, O.P.

Robert Edward Brennan, O.P., (1897–1975) was a Dominican priest, psychologist, and internationally acclaimed author. He was a professor at Providence College from 1931–1943, where he directed its Thomistic Institute. His writings include General Psychology: An Interpretation of the Science of Mind Based on Thomas Aquinas (1937), History of Psychology: From the Standpoint of a Thomist (1945), and The Image of His Maker: A Study of the Nature of Man (1948).

Paperback: 466pp.

ISBN: 978-1950970131