The Theology of Prayer


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By Joseph Clifford Fenton

The Theology of Prayer, written by one of the twentieth century’s foremost theologians, distills the teachings of Thomas Aquinas, Thomas a Vallgornera, and Joseph a Spiritu Sancto, among other great scholastic theologians, on the nature of Christian prayer, whose writings hold such treasures on praying effectively that their loss would be a tragedy for the people of God.

In these pages, Monsignor Fenton clearly and concisely presents to the contemporary reader the scholastics’ works and their insights on Sacred Scripture and Tradition. With The Theology of Prayer, Fenton revitalizes the work of those theologians, preserving their insights and presenting plainly what God has revealed about prayer and how the Church has preserved and expounded that revelation for the good and the salvation of all who believe.

“Prayer is something, then, which is instituted, and which is commanded, for our benefit. It tends to make us love God more fully, hope in Him with greater confidence, and serve Him with greater devotion. (Joseph C. Fenton)

Monsignor Joseph Clifford Fenton (1906–1969) was professor of fundamental and dogmatic theology at the Catholic University of America and, from 1944 to 1963, the editor of the American Ecclesiastical Review. He also helped to establish the Catholic Theological Society of America, which continues to this day. Over the course of his life, Msgr. Fenton wrote six books and numerous articles.

Paperback: 290pp.

ISBN: 978-1944418403