The Great Cemeteries Under the Moon


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By Georges Bernanos

The Great Cemeteries Under the Moon is Georges Bernanos’s eye-witness account of the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War. Employing the same prodigious literary talent displayed in his novels, Bernanos exposes the horrifying acts of terrorism that swept through the community of Majorca as Franco established his dictatorship. Condensed from the original French edition (and first published in English as A Diary of My Times in 1938), The Great Cemeteries Under the Moon is a sobering reflection on the mystery of evil and the enduring power of hope.

I have sworn to move you either to anger or love, and I do not care which.” Georges Bernanos

Georges Bernanos (1888–1948) was a French author and critic, and winner of the Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française in 1936 (for his novel A Diary of a Country Priest). A devout Roman Catholic, Bernanos wrote numerous novels, stories, and essays on the nature of faith, society, and suffering.

Paperback: 222pp.

ISBN: 978-1944418878