Secrets of the Interior Life


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By Luis M. Martínez

“Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” St. James the Apostle’s exclamation can conjure a discomfiting polarity between the active and contemplative aspects of the Christian life. In Secrets of the Interior Life, Luis M. Martínez dissolves that apparent polarity with an engaging explanation of how the contemplative life both informs and inspires the active life of following the way of Jesus Christ. As Martínez himself eloquently describes, “The true efficacy of our works depends upon our interior life, and the true worth of a soul is the worth of its interior life; for a soul’s worth is in direct proportion to the intimacy and intensity of its relations with God.” The key to cultivating and sustaining this relationship with God is to learn the divine and different ways of God and then to seek him out by those selfsame ways, trusting that the hidden God will reveal himself to the soul who loves him.

All the secrets of the interior life consist in this: to know how to find God and to know how to enter into communication with Him. (Luis M. Martínez)

In similar vein as the accessibly contemplative works of Saints John of the Cross, Teresa of Ávila, and Thérèse of Lisieux, Secrets of the Interior Life offers spiritual and practical counsel in ready supply in commending its readers to the tender care of the God who is love.

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Luis M. Martínez (1881–1956) was Archbishop of Mexico City and a distinguished poet and scholar. In 1951, he was named the first official Primate of Mexico. In addition to Secrets of the Interior Life, his works in English include Only Jesus and The Sanctifier.

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