On the Philosophy of History


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By Jacques Maritain

On the Philosophy of History articulates a philosophy of history as “the final application of philosophical truths, not to the conduct of the individual man, but to the entire movement of humanity.” Moving away from a so-called theology of history and toward a Christian-influenced moral philosophy of history, Maritain draws on the content of Christian revelation and tradition to show that comprehension of the cosmic order  must take place in light of the heavens. Lucid and profound, On the Philosophy of History is a triumph of the philosophical act, providing a much-needed map for historians, political scientists, and theologians alike.

Christian philosophy is concerned with the direction of human history, not only in relation to the work of eternal salvation…but also and primarily in relation to that very work accomplished in human history which is in itself terrestrial and immanent in time.” –Jacques Maritain

Jacques Maritain (1882–1973) was perhaps the greatest Catholic philosopher of the twentieth century. A convert, along with his wife Raïssa, from agnosticism to Catholicism, Maritain wrote extensively on metaphysics, aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophy of history—all with the guiding inspiration of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Paperback: 188pp.

ISBN: 978-1950970216