In the Likeness of Christ


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By Edward Leen, C.S.Sp.

“The instrument of man’s sanctification,” remarks Edward Leen by way of introducing In the Likeness of Christ, “is man’s own human life.” For this reason, Leen makes the subject of this series of studies the human character of Jesus Christ, with the practical purpose of providing Christians a means of imitating and adhering to the “divine model of human perfection.” Tracking through the mysteries of the life of the Word made flesh—from his humble birth in Bethlehem, to his suffering and death on Calvary, to his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday—In the Likeness of Christ finds that each individual mystery sheds new, supernal light on the person of the Savior.

Like his spiritual mentor Dom Columba Marmion, Edward Leen made the central focus of his widely read spiritual writings the relationship between Christ and the soul of the individual. In the Likeness of Christ, steeped as it is in the saving harmonies of Sacred Scripture, facilitates that vital contact with the Divine Savior wherein the branch is grafted onto the Vine.

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Edward Leen (1885–1944) was an Irish Catholic priest of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, and missionary, scholar, and prolific author. Besides In the Likeness of Christ, his books include Progress in Mental Prayer, The True Vine and Its Branches, and What Is Education?

Paperback: 287pp.

ISBN: 978-1685950088