All in the Family


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All in the Family - ClunyMedia
All in the Family - ClunyMedia

By Edwin O'Connor

All in the Family, first published in 1964, is a portrait of the Kinsellas, a prominent and proud Irish-American New England clan. When Uncle Jimmy incites the Charles Kinsella Mayoral Campaign, Jack declines to join, despite Phil’s fervent promise that victory will bring about an unprecedented achievement: scouring the parasitical scum that infest their city. But even as Charles leaps from the mayoralty to the governorship, and the Kinsellas reach the height of their success, a threat looms over them, ready to violently disrupt, if not outright destroy, this fiercely loyal family.

Among themselves they argued as much as anybody, but this was all in the family; whenever anything outside the family came up they were all very loyal to each other and always stuck together.

Infused with the romantic, tragicomic spirit which dwells at the heart of the Irish-American experience, All in the Family is an expansive, highly readable tale with an unforgettable dénouement.

Edwin O’Connor (1918–1968) was an American novelist and journalist. His novel The Last Hurrah (1956) established him “as one of our most gifted interpreters of American life” (Chicago Tribune), and he won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1962 for The Edge of Sadness.

Paperback: 402pp.

ISBN: 978-1949899887

All in the Family - ClunyMedia
All in the Family - ClunyMedia