A Reader in Catholic Social Teaching


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Edited and with a preface by Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D.

A Reader in Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching, or CST, is a branch of moral theology, a fruit of the Church’s teaching and tradition as she fulfills her divine mission to transmit God’s revelation to His people. As such, CST approaches the most fundamental questions of human existence and provides answers to properly shape human activity and human society. To become intimately acquainted with CST, there is simply no substitute for reading the original documents of the popes, who from Leo XIII onwards are the real masters in the subject, and whose ideas have left a permanent mark on Catholic and secular thought alike. This collection, edited by Peter A. Kwasniewski, aims to facilitate a comprehensive introduction to CST anchored in the Church’s classic documents.

A person’s true identity is only fully revealed to him through faith, and it is precisely from faith that the Church’s social teaching begins." Pope Saint John Paul II

Paperback: 548pp.

ISBN: 978-1944418588