News and Developments

We at Cluny do not rest on our laurels—even if we had them. Our mission is to publish books, increase awareness of great art, and—like kombucha—build a life-giving culture. To advance that mission, we publish as many books as we can as quickly as we can. Every month we release new books. Every week we develop new collaborations to increase the scope and success of the Cluny mission. Every day we add new books to our production schedule.

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The Art Center

Medium, of which the plural is media, refers in art to to the materials from which a work is made. The materials, then, become the vehicle by which the artist conveys the meaning of the thing to the viewer, reader, receiver, of the art.

We are Cluny Media, not Cluny Books or Cluny Press or Cluny Publishing, because we want our work to imply that sense of a vehicle of meaning. Conveniently for us, the term media today generally connotes multimedia, and so Cluny is able to include non-print media in its vision.

The Cluny Art Center is the first product of that vision. In the Art Center, you will find the illustrations included (or would have been included) in our books. When we recover and re-publish a book that contained images in its previous iterations, we choose at times to remove the images, for the sake of keeping the cost of the book affordable for the general readership. We then make those images available for viewing here—free, easy, convenient, and high-quality.