Only Son


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By Walter Farrell, O.P.

From the Annunciation to the Resurrection, Only Son weaves together the marvelous storylines of Sacred Scripture to tell the life of Jesus Christ. Guided by the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas, and aided by commentary from the Church Fathers, Walter Farrell, O.P., produces a work of exceptional value both for devotional practice and for historical interest. With the four Gospel accounts providing his work’s basic structure, Farrell amplifies the “greatest story ever told” with elaborations on tradition. Especially noteworthy is his commentary and preaching on the role of Mary, Mother of God; on the hidden life of Christ; and on the revelation which Christ, fully God and fully man, gives of what it means to be human.

It pleased the almighty God to stake the salvation of man on the response of the virgin of Nazareth… When that answer was given, the Son of God was made man; this was the first instant of the life of Christ. (Walter Farrell, O.P.)

Its composition abruptly ended by Farrell’s untimely death in 1951, Only Son was completed in 1953 with two chapters from the acclaimed Companion to the Summa. Thus does Farrell complete Farrell to create a harmonious, prayerful meditation on the life of Christ, the Father’s only son, “full of grace and truth.”

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Walter Farrell, O.P., (1902–1951) was a Dominican priest and scholar. He was the founder of the speculative quarterly The Thomist and was a frequent contributor to numerous scholarly and spiritual periodicals. Among his many publications is the bestselling, four-volume Companion to the Summa, which was instrumental in the popularization of the Summa Theologiae.

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