The Priest: Mystery of Love


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By Luis M. Martínez

Translated by Juan Macias Marquez, O.P. | Edited by Luke VanBerkum, O.P.

As a good pastor of souls, Archbishop Luis María Martínez was all things to all men. Indeed, his biographer attributed no fewer than ten roles to Archbishop—now Servant of God—Martínez: “phil­osopher, theologian, educator, superior, sociologist, sacred orator, writer, poet, spiritual director, humorist.” Above these, however, should be added two more: priest and preacher of Jesus Christ. As The Priest: Mystery of Love makes abundantly clear, Archbishop Martínez preached the mystery of Christ, and did so in such a way as to make the message as attractive and accessible to his listener’s ears as it is, in truth, in itself. These nineteen predicaciones address the manifold mysteries of the holy priesthood. Uniquely conformed to Christ, the priest is an alter Christus, another Christ. His mission is a paternal mission: to raise up sons for the Heavenly Father. 

You are a priest forever. (Psalm 110:4)

The priesthood is a mystery of sacrifice because it is a mystery of love. (Luis M. Martínez)

Fr. Juan Macias Marquez’s translation (the first into English) captures the lofty spirit of Archbishop Martínez’s preaching, and Fr. Luke VanBerkum’s deft editing ensures that none of that original message is lost in its journey from one language to another. In these pages, Bishop Daniel Flores writes, “there is an experiential perception of the mysteries of Christ, of his glories, of his gifts, and of the wounds in his Body.” The beauty of The Priest: Mystery of Love is its power to lead priests to an enjoyment of that very same perception.


Luis M. Martínez (1881–1956) was Archbishop of Mexico City and a distinguished poet and scholar. In 1951, he was named the first official Primate of Mexico. In addition to The Priest: Mystery of Love, his works in English include Only Jesus and Secrets of the Interior Life.

Juan Macias Marquez, O.P., and Luke VanBerkum, O.P., are Dominican priests of the Province of St. Joseph.

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ISBN: 978-1685953225

Paperback: 278pp.