The Dark Knowledge of God


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By Charles Journet

The Dark Knowledge of God

From Sacred Scripture to the Summa Theologiae, the silent wisdom of the via negativa has inspired what Charles Journet calls the “unknowing of love and the ignorance that is truly learned.” The Dark Knowledge of God conducts a concise overview of the apophatic tradition with a series of intriguing meditations on the divine nature. In entering into the awesome mystery of God himself, we encounter all other mysteries in their true depth.

Moving nimbly from metaphysics to mysticism, Journet clarifies the key insight of the apophatic tradition—that we can neither speak nor stay silent about God—in such a way as to allow the dark mystery of God to shine as a light on the path of Truth.

Charles Journet (1891–1975) was a Swiss Roman Catholic theologian and cardinal. In 1926, with his close friend Jacques Maritain, Journet founded the influential theological journal Nova et Vetera. His works in English include: The Meaning of EvilThe Church of the Word Incarnate, and The Meaning of Grace. 

Paperback: 148pp.

ISBN: 978-1952826214