Grace and Freedom According to Suarez


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By Thomas U. Mullaney, O.P.

Grace and Freedom According to Suarez: A Thomistic Analysis, first published in 1950, considers one of the most controversial topics in the history of Christian theology. The Dominican Thomas Urban Mullaney (1915–1989) examines philosophical and theological writings of the Jesuit Francisco Suarez (1548–1617). With analytical clarity and rhetorical charity, Mullaney provides a profound analysis of key issues in a debate that remains unresolved in Catholic theology.

Arguing that Suarezians and Thomists disagree about the dynamics of grace and human freedom because they lack a “common starting point,” Mullaney shows how their fundamental variance over the philosophical nature of “man’s free power and the very nature of potency itself” account for their distinctive theological divergencies on questions of predestination and physical premotion.

The sixth volume in the Thomist Tradition book series, Grace and Freedom According to Suarez: A Thomistic Analysis is a valuable resource for any serious student of its complex topic.

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Thomas Urban Mullaney, O.P., (1915–1989) was a professor of theology at the Dominican House of Studies (Washington, DC) and at Providence College.

Cajetan Cuddy, O.P., serves as the general editor of Cluny Media’s Thomist Tradition book series. He is a professor at the Dominican House of Studies (Washington, DC).

Paperback: 238pp.

ISBN: 978-1952826290