Walls Are Crumbling


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By John M. Oesterreicher | Foreword by Jacques Maritain

Walls Are Crumbling

“Salvation is from the Jews” (John 4:22). Walls Are Crumbling is, in the words of its author, “a book of hope.” The seven philosophers whose lives and works are brought to light in these pages speak a message of affirmation, a resounding “yes” to the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. With nuance, clarity, and a fervent love for God’s people, Oesterreicher charts the course of twentieth-century thought on personhood, society, and God, and reveals the strong influence of Judaism and Christianity on the exceptional stances of these seven philosophers toward (and against) the modern world.

“The seven essays gathered in this volume compose a whole, a harmony unusually meaningful; they bring to our thoughtful attention intellectual themes of high human value and poignant actuality.” –Jacques Maritain

John M. Oesterreicher (1904–1993) was a Roman Catholic priest and theologian. A convert from Judaism to Catholicism, he was a vehement critic of the Nazi Party and had to flee Germany in 1939; but his parents, along with the priest who baptized him, died in the Holocaust. Oesterreicher authored numerous books, founded the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University, and was an architect of the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration Nostra Aetate.

Jacques Maritain (1882–1973), perhaps the greatest Catholic philosopher of the twentieth century, wrote extensively on metaphysics, aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophy of history.

Paperback: 418pp.

ISBN: 978-1950970230