The Novel Approach

The Novel Approach

Is your parish interested in sparking newfound appreciation for the Catholic novel? The Catholic novel speaks to the faithful’s most burning questions about life, death, sin, virtue, sorrow, joy, faith, hope, and love. Parishioners will benefit in ways known only to God from reading and reflecting on these classic works.

The Partnership

By working together, Cluny and your parish can make a number of wonderful Catholic novels from the Cluny Classics series available to book-hungry parishioners. Cluny will provide a bookstand for the church vestibule or hall; the parish purchases sets of books at a 50% discount (each set contains 5 copies of 10 titles, of your choice or Cluny recommendation) and for resale and distribution within the parish.

The Process

The arrangement process is quite simple and requires no initial work on the part of the parish:

  • Email or call 401-400-0385.
  • Cluny will facilitate the set-up of the bookstand and stocking of the books.
The Numbers

This is a mission-driven initiative, the primary goal being the enrichment of minds and hearts with the Catholic novel. That said, we appreciate the importance of the financial aspect. So here is a breakdown:

  • The list price for Cluny Classics titles is between $17.95 and $19.95.
  • With the 50% discount, the total cost is between $450-$500 per order of 50 books (plus shipping).
  • The bookstand is provided free of charge.
  • We recommend selling the books for $10.00, as that ensures the parish can make a nominal profit. (Parishioners may remit payments on the honor system in their weekly tithe or in a poor box or other established system at your parish.)